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Halloween festivities require lots of creativity to win best dressed. Find inspiration from pop horror films, shows, games and stories. Set design is key, and lots of makeup!


Sometimes artists find the best ideas within boundaries. Through this challenge, start with the primary colors, and let your creativity flow. Whether it’s a photo or painting, all types of artists are encouraged to submit. There may be limitations, but the possibilities are endless! 

Community for creatives.


Deep thoughts come to us in the shower, sadness intensifies in the rain, and beautiful memories are created at the shore. Using the element of water, show us what flows through you.

Submissions close October 17th.

(submitting behind the scenes video raises your chance of a magazine feature!)

Submission Rules

1  - Send 5-15 photos from one session.

2 - Images must fit a max size of 8x10 at 300dpi (for print consideration).

3 - Send a short intro of yourself and the story on how your photos came to be.

4 - Include names and Instagram handles of everyone involved in the photoshoot (website as well if applicable)

Image files can also be sent via WeTransfer directly to:

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