The Decisive Moment

by Emmanuel Chamorro

What do creatives do most that damages our confidence and self-esteem? Comparison. Seeing others at a different level than us. It can be discouraging, so many years of perfecting our craft, yet we see others art and think “I’m no good, I wish I was there.” The desire to continue creating vanishes, and we begin to have those dreaded thoughts that everyone who ever doubted us was probably right. How do we get over that? In the age of social media and likes it’s so difficult to avoid these thoughts.

As Cardinal de Retz once said, “there is nothing in this world that does not have a decisive moment.” (though more famously attached to Henri Cartier-Bresson, my favorite photographer).

There is this moment within the midst of asking ourselves “Am I good enough? Will I make it? Will others like what I do?” It’s a moment where we choose to persevere or surrender.

Before this photo shoot, I felt I wasn’t good enough compared to others. In that moment I realized there really is no competition, there’s no race. I can work on my art and passions at my own pace. I know as long as I’m trying my best, it is the best.

These moments translate to everyday life. Sometimes we’ll see others persevere, and we can’t pull ourselves out of the hole we’re in, our journey takes longer than everyone else’s. I believe the change comes in that moment when you accept that everyone’s living at their own pace, everyone’s story is unique. Once we realize this, no one will ever have power or influence over our lives, and we will be able to continue in our journey, knowing that in due time things will get better.

Outdo your past, not other people.

Photographer: Emmanuel Chamorro (@shotbyemmanuel)

Model: Elizabeth Maria (@eslizabethmaria)